Thursday, April 17, 2014

Freedom start with freedom of speech

Without freedom of speech there is no freedom.
Freedom of Speech and freedom of media are very linked.
If there is no Freedom of media there is no freedom of speech.
You do not have Freedom of speech if you cannot promote it. 
If no one can hear your speech there is no use to have freedom of speech.

Control of information is power:

The first step to control people is to stop freedom of speech.
Majority and the powerful controlled the information and it was very hard to hear the voice the minority, the poor and the weak through the centuries.

Man always long for freedom as he is created to be free. Without freedom man is handicapped. His need for freedom is as his need for oxygen. Lack of freedom take life out of him. Knowing the truth set man free.
Speech and hearing are very crucial for development of the human being.

Through the the centuries man worked on developing ways of communication and expression.
Stories, poems,songs and then writing:
Writing promoted freedom of speech and circulation of information. but again it was limited to the ones who can afforded.

The printing press revolution:

Printing press helped to promote the freedom of speech. Your ideas, thoughts and views were printed and distributed . It was not controlled by the few who can afforded it. As it was more affordable for people to get information.
Before the powerful and the rich controlled the media
It was on the hand of the ones who are in power and had authority.

News papers and books where great help to loosen control on information. It gave more people the opportunity for their voices to be herd and for information to be circulate.

Radio and TV:

Radio and TV came and took over the media again and gave opportunity to cross borders and gave wider participation for free speech and circulation of information but as time went it was again more controlled by the powerful and the rich.

Man selfishness and pride and hunger for power and control leads always to control of the media and limiting freedom of speech.
The problem as time passed more and more The Media became controlled and with certain agenda to avoid accountability and to have absolute power. As freedom of speech brings accountability and protect people from being abused by authorities and governments.

Internet came and it again it took away the monopoly and the control of the media from the powerful and the rich. It made information more accessible to all and gave the individual the platform and the power to implement his his right of freedom of speech. The internet made it possible for his voice to be herd internationally.
Without freedom of speech there is no equality. Freedom of speech imp-power the weak and the poor.
The internet gave power for the individual, gave power for the weak and the small and the poor to be in the same arena with the rest.
Today the powerful want to control the internet to limit again Freedom of Speech through the law and their political e power. As the Internet challenges their dominance.

What is legal out side the net should be legal in the net.
Out lawing what is lawful out side the Internet from being posted is striping the individual from his freedom of speech and fringing on his freedom.

When the Media is controlled people are controlled. Because when you feed them the information you want and stop them from questioning you control them.
Truth is never afraid of being challenged or questioned. 
Critical thinking and freedom of expression are crucial for development, growth and knowledge. It is key for accountability and the well beeing of the comunity.

By Kamal Fahmi 

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