Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sudan government needed anther crime to justify the Arrest of Dr. Meriam

They needed to accuse Dr. Merian with another crime to justify her Arrest

The Islamic Government in Sudan realised that Apostasy law is really embarrassment to Islam and to them internationally specially for the way they treat it her and because the law it self is illogical and unjust. As you cannot force someone to believe in a god if he or she does not want. Belief has to come from the heart otherwise it is hypocrisy. If our Creator wanted to enforce His believe on us it would have been much easier for Him to make us robots and not give us the freedom to choose.

They needed to find anther crime to justify her arrest. They wanted to humiliate, oppress and punish her for not reconverting to Islam without causing embarrassment.
A  mother who is innocent who hurt no one her only crime is that she does not want to become a muslim.

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